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Cost-effective and efficient legal drafting, legal research and other solutions for US and UK based law firms and corporate houses.
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Company law (3936) Property law (5478)
Family law (4843) Employment law (4143)
Taxation law (3656) Trademarks law (3573)
Copyright law (3604) Patents law (3597)
Cyber law (3634) Domain name disputes (3562)
Constitutional law (3716) Criminal law (4280)
IP Infringement (3566) Industrial Design (3572)
Geographical indication (3557) Investigation & raids (3555)
Publishing assistance (3568) Awareness campaigns (3591)
Litigation support (3711) Agreements/Contracts drafting (20177)
Outsourcing services (3593) General legal consultancy (4546)
Others (1007140)  



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