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Cost-effective and efficient legal drafting, legal research and other solutions for US and UK based law firms and corporate houses.
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Terms and Conditions

These terms & conditions apply between the user ('you' with all its grammatical variations and connotations) and ('we' with all its grammatical variations and connotations) if, and only if, you opt for our free services.

You agree that we shall not be liable or responsible for any action taken by you on the basis of free legal advice that we provide to you.

We do not guarantee our free legal advice to be free of errors or fit for any particular circumstances.

We are not bound to provide free legal advice to you. Further, we are not liable in case we do not respond to your query for a free legal advice.

We may require more information from you regarding a particular query and you agree that we may e-mail or call you in this regard.

We own all copyright on the information submitted to us by you. We can publish your queries on the website (though your name or other identity will not be displayed on the website).

You agree to keep all information and opinion provided to you confidential and only for your own personal use.

You shall not use this service for the purposes of your business.

You will not sell or otherwise transfer or use any information or advice obtained from this website.

We are not liable for any loss, injury, harm or any other negative consequences, without any limitation, that you may incur by using the free legal advice from this site.

We agree that we shall take all reasonable care to keep your personal information confidential though we shall not be liable for any information pilferage from our premises causing any harm or injury to you.

Disputes between you and us shall be resolved in accordance with Indian laws by courts of India. The jurisdiction for all disputes shall be New Delhi, India.

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